2016 Trophy Sponsors & Winners


Section Award Sponsor Winner
D Wool
Most Points Elders –Jeff Brennan


Ronver Hills
Champion Unhoused Fleece Sash Glendawn Stud Ronver Hills
E Grain and Fodder
Most Points Farmworks


Thomas Wilson
Runner Up Most Points Landmark Lee Family
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Russell McPherson & Co Paul Seymour
F (a) Woodwork
Most Points Mrs Betty McCann Memorial Liam McCreery
Outstanding Exhibit Sash John Ellison
F (b) Metalwork
Most Points Goodthing United


Reuben Cail
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Ron Waterhouse
H Poultry
Most Points in Poultry, Children Yearalia Poultry Alistair Hall
Special Children’s Prize – Cock Yearalia Poultry Alistair Hall


Special Children’s Prize – Hen Yearalia Poultry Leanne Lyon
Champion Male Poultry Bird Sash Geoff & Joan Armstrong
Champion Female Poultry Bird Sash Geoff & Joan Armstrong
Doug McNeill Perpetual Trophy for Most Points in Poultry  

Dalwallinu Lions Club


Geoff & Joan Armstrong

Runner Up

Most Points


CR & R Cail

Ben Hall


I Fruit and Vegetables
Most Points in Fruit Dalwallinu Hardware


Ellen Manuel
Most Points in Vegetables M & S Wilson Tania Turner
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Ellen Manuel (fruit)
Tania Turner (veg)
J Home Produce
Most Points  

BA Wilson


Ellen Manuel
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Ellen Manuel



K Horticulture
Most Points in Horticulture FJ & BM Stone Tania Turner
Outstanding Exhibit Sash R & W Sawyer Hannah Budge
Most Points in Exhibition Blooms C & P Pearse Clifton Fong
Most Points in Floral Art V & R Bryant Tania Turner
Most Points in Pot Plants Dalwallinu/Pithara CWA Ellen Manuel
L Cookery
Most Points Mrs I Mills


Jocelyn Seymour
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Joanne Harris
M Let’s Have Fun
A Day At School- A Tale of School Days 1st


April Whyte

A Day At School- A Poem of school days 1st


N Knitting and Crochet
Most Points Kalannie CWA Rochelle Herron

Grace Harris

Outstanding Exhibit Sash Pat Donnes (knitting)

Rochelle Herron (crochet)

O Needlework
Most Points JM & PL Roach Tania Turner
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Tania Turner
P                    Toy and Doll Craft
Most Points in Toy and Doll Craft  Mrs G Harris Kathy Mills
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Suzanne Owens
Q Handicrafts
Most Points Mrs Beryl Pearse Memorial Tania Turner
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Kathy Mills
R Children’s Photography
Most Points – Primary SE & RJ Wilson


Paige Lobwein
Most Points – Secondary Dalwallinu CRC Shayley Webb
Outstanding Exhibit Sash – Primary Damien West
Outstanding Exhibit Sash – Secondary Shayley Webb
S Photography
Most Points


T & J Andrews Cherie Fry
Most Points – Runner Up HJ Hyde & Co  Christie Andrews
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Alejandra Sablayan
T Art
Most Points in Art


BC & MG Huggett Pam Toster
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Lara Sawyer
U Children’s Art
Most Points in Children’s Art Dilly Dally Rory Seymour
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Lane Ray
V Pre-Primary Work    
Most Points in Pre-Primary JM & PL Roach Fletcher Gething & Rory Seymour
Outstanding Exhibit Sash Grace Jolly
W Children’s Work
Most Points – Primary


Pia’s Newsagency Paige Lobwein
Outstanding Exhibit  Primary Sash Tiani Davies
Most Points – Secondary R & M Carlshausen Sophie Fry
Outstanding Exhibit Secondary Sash Alex Raganut
Most Points in Sections
O,P & Q (Needlework, Toy & Doll, Handicraft) Mrs Alice Roach – Memorial Tania Turner
In Pavilion excluding D & E W & S Cail Tania Turner
In Agriculture (Wool, Grain & Fodder) Hon Brian Ellis MLC Ronver Hills
Whole Show – All Classes Dalwallinu Shire President –

Cr Steve Carter

Tania Turner
Trade Exhibits
Outstanding Large Trade Exhibit AFGRI
Outstanding Small Trade Exhibit Hall’s Hat’s
Outstanding Indoor Trade WA College of Ag