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Dalwallinu & Districts Agricultural Society Inc.

Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA Inc

Patron: The President of the Dalwallinu Shire Council

President: Stephen Wilson 0427 611 060

Vice President: Leighton Budge

Last President: Noel Mills

General Committee:

Robyn  Bryant, Vince Bryant, Hannah Budge, Leighton Budge, Bert Cail, Emma Harris, Damian Mills, Kathy Mills, Noel Mills, Barbara Newton, Pauline Mitchell, David Roach, Joy Sanderson, Kirsten Strickland, Rebecca Wilson, Stephen Wilson

Grounds Committee:

Vince Bryant, Leighton Budge, Colin Cail, John Harris, Noel Mills, David Roach, Stephen Wilson.

Chief Grounds Steward: Leighton Budge 0477 775 013

Asst Grounds Steward: Vince Bryant 0428 642 073

Auditor: Warren Renton

Chief Complex Steward: Barb Newton 0437 969 812

Trade Space: Barb Newton 0437 969 812 or Kirsten Strickland – klhumphreys@hotmail.com

Licencee: Dalwallinu Agricultural Society Inc

Secretary/ Treasurer: Rebecca Wilson 0427 681 202
Email: dalwallinushow@hotmail.com


Society’s Address: PO BOX 200, DALWALLINU, WA 6609

Web Address: www.dallyshow.com