Dalwallinu Ag show




 1. Shall attend to the reception, classification and placing of all exhibits and any other matter having reference thereto.

2.  Shall wait upon the judges, furnish them with prize cards and ribbons and accord them all the information and attention necessary in the discharge of their duties.

3. Shall arrange among themselves for the constant and effective supervision of their section, the convenience of the exhibitors as well as that of the public and the behaviour of the attendants in that section.

4.  Shall advise the Committee, where necessary, to reject any exhibit, in which case prompt action will be taken.

5. Provide the office with a tally of points gained by individual exhibitors in the respective section.

6. Shall have at least one representative rostered on duty at the Showgrounds from 9.00am Friday, the day before the Show, to receive exhibits.

9. If unable to act, Stewards are requested to advise the Treasurer prior to Show Day.

10.  SHALL BE ON DUTY at 5pm SHOW DAY to supervise collection of exhibits.